2012, Borne
Very special to present the Passion so intensely without words.
*Again I was deeply impressed of your acting. My heart opened.

Dating as far back as the 15th century the Calvary can be seen in and outside churches. Central in these pictures is Jezus with the cross. The Via Crucis variant within this tradition is now presented with the focus on the other characters. Their experience as an (in-)voluntarily audience is the experience of any viewer. We can recognize the situation. How do they react? What are their actions? Are they just distant viewers, do they suffer too? Who was placing the crown of thorns? Who was looking at the flogging? Was that painful to look at? If so that pain is of a different, more human pain than the pain of Jezus rising above humanity by taking all sins.  For the average men and women in the street one’s own sins are hard to grasp. Pain individual pain is visible in this performance of Via Crucis. Who can watch, and who calls it a day.


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2010, Warnsveld:
Impressive, the music, singing and dancing. We told it each other a couple of tmes on our way home..
The facial expressions, the poses, espacially Jezus'mother was impressive. One could feel the pain.

*Something never to forget!
*gripping acting.




2011, Huizen:
I'm so touched by you all that I'm grateful to be alive.
*Something like this I haven't seen before.. Wonderful.
The Passion got meaning again..
*So intense, so breathtaking, like this I haven't experienced it before..
I was really crying
*Touching, moving, visual, a new dimension to the Passion.





2010, Elst:

Fenomanol body control.
Worth to see it again.
The image of Jezus mother brought tears in my eyes, it touches you.
Intensely, wonderful.
Beautiful, like magic.
There was no spontaneous applaus, you made clear why the church empties silently at the Holy Friiday.








Voor inlichtingen,
verkoop en boekingen:









2010, Meppel:
Wonderful voices and atmosphere
*I am serene
It let light through -bis!
*Beyond and in the time.
Wonderful honest performance.
2010, Alphen aan den Rijn
Brilliant way to tell the Passion.
*It strucked like lightning.
Silence can be enough.
*Touching and impressive.


"Holy saturday the 3rd of April true silence entered the Oudshoornsekerk, what a intense performance was presented by De Muzenval. What was showed was the Passion of Jezus in singing and dancing, without words. To be plain, it was breathtaking. The appriciation of the audience was vast. And that means something, because, the music of Franz Liszt is more difficult than that of Johann Sebastian Bach."









2012, Arnhem
*I was fightiing with my tears and wanted to help building Jezus' grave
What an experience the Passion like this. Thank you so much.

* Very, very special, and innovative.
Breathtaking, building up till the end, moved with tears. Thanks.
*Very intense. An invitation for thinking and talking. Good that there was time for that too.


2012, Ottersum
*Impressive. Let's one think..
Very special, wonderful and impressive.completely different to what I'm used to..

*Passio showed in so many different ways. Sometimes touching sometimes disgusting, but always Passion!.
This was again new for me.
Passion passed on from you to us. Wonderful.

*On a toddling path a hell of a performance!
Silence entered.
*Such passoin, such control, I'm impressed.