Can you sell your scientific work to the outside world?
Do you know how to communicate your work?


Maybe you’ve been invited in a Dutch ‘circle-party’ one of those nightmare encounters of Dutch folklore. Someone celebrates his or her birthday, most likely a friend of a friend whom you vaguely know. But you have to attend, for politeness reasons, at least. Then, at a certain point one of the other guests is asking you about work or study. Well, here’s a real problem then. Everybody at the party is looking at you, and you don’t have an answer. Well, you have, but they won’t understand. Nor any other person in this world except a lean circle within the same field of work and/or study.
They are not to blame. By it’s true meaning scientific work is behold only to the few.
But not only in social forums you can have non-understanding encounter of the first kind. Selling your idea to companies, explaining on behalf of fundraising what’s your aim. 

“We're all mad here”
A few years ago I was working on a play. A singer (soprano) and her pianist wanted to make a new kind of music theatre. “With new forms, and new ideas”, witch meant in a Tsjechovian way. Well, I suggested to make “The quest for the holy note”, and used research from the field of overtone studies from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Unintentionally the researcher was very happy with the play. By inviting people he was able to explain about his passion and daily work to non-insiders, just by watching the singer and a graphic translation of her sound as centre of the appealing story.
As many unintended discoveries it proofed itself by accident. Now we structured it and present in Delft the Alice or Wonderland-project.

Down the Rabbit Hole
The ‘art spots’ where performances take place within the framework of Alice or Wonderland are traditional theatre- and concert halls, galleries, but also squares, parks, semi-public buildings and all that can be adjusted to receive an audience and give space to the individual projects. Sometimes the audience will be bigger than the art-form, other moments, the art-form will overwhelm the public..

Never seen a grin without a cat
The audience will experience and gets an introduction with the actuation of scientists and science.
The theatre-art form makes basic research accessible for the uninitiated one, the tax payer in the street, entrepreneurs and governments. By stepping out of the laboratories and going public science shows it is a living, active and vital part of society.

We, the artists and teachers of Sports & Culture use theatre-art as a devise to communicate scientific-art.

quote's from: Alice in Wonderland
The Cheshire cat fades intil it disappears entirely,
leaving only its wide grin, suspended in the air,
leading Alice to marvel and note that she has deen a cat without a grin,
but never a grin without a cat.